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Coriander – an annual herbaceous plant height 0,30-0,50 m originally from the eastern Mediterranean. It has long been cultivated in many countries. Perhaps he is the oldest known spices in the history of mankind. It is mentioned in the Old Testament and in Sanskrit. Used it the ancient Greeks and Romans, from which it spread [...]

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Cumin – biennial umbrella plant height of 0.3-1.0 m. We grow wild in the meadows, and boundaries, are grown in gardens and as a field crop. Cumin was used as far back as the Neolithic era. Distributed almost all over Europe. Has been known since the Middle Ages. Description. Cumin has a naked stepel, furrowed [...]

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Fennel – a strong, reaching 2 m in height biennial or perennial plant umbrella. Originates from southern Europe, from the Mediterranean Sea area and Asia Minor. The ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese have valued him as a spice and medicine. In Central Europe it was in the Middle Ages. Description. Fennel leaves pinnately [...]

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