Cloves – dried, unblown flower buds of clove tree – is the oldest known spices and all. Indonesia is the birthplace of. In China and in India it was known long before our era. Most cultivated carnation in Madagascar, Zanzibar, Pemba and the Moluccas, as well as in India, Sri Lanka and in Guinea. At the time of the Roman emperors its use has spread in the Mediterranean region. At all times it was a precious thing, its price was higher than the price of gold. In Europe, cloves fell through Ceylon, where ships brought it to the Red Sea ports and then transported caravans to Alexandria and Constantinople.

Allspice reaches a height of 10-20 m. It flowers twice a year, flowers are white with a purple calyx. Fruit ovoid berry, containing one or two seed.

Growing up.
Carnation breed processes, but most seedlings grown from seed. Clove (Flos caryophylli) receive from the tree has reached the age of 6-12 years. It’s flower buds are picked when they begin to redden. Dried in the sun or in dryers, and they acquire a brown color.

The main component of clove is the essential oil (15-26%) containing 96% eugenol. It also contains gumulen and karifillen, tannins, oleanolic acid, mucus and fatty substances.

The action.
In dentistry clove oil is used as a good antiseptic.

Cloves have a strong, unique flavor and spicy taste right. It is used as a spice and medicine. Use long cooking bitter gastric liquor, wine, hot drinks, popular Slovak punch, punches, fruit juices and compotes. She flavored canned fruit. It is also used for dishes from red cabbage, pork, lamb, poultry, meat sauce in the dark, when marinating herring. Together with the kohlrabi leaves lukim and it improves the taste of sauerkraut. It is used and the fungi and the jellied meat. Pleasant taste becomes Brawn and paste from the game with a carnation. In the kitchen, clove is used very sparingly in the form of powder in the preparation of fish combined fish dishes, pasta, sauces and famous Italian pizza These dishes are becoming a special, unique flavor.

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