Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper – a relative of the well-known to us cayenne pepper (Capsicum appiit L.) from the group hot peppers. Shrubs reach a height of 1 m, length of 5-20 mm follicles. Cayenne pepper is the birthplace of tropical America. The first Europeans who met with cayenne pepper, were members of the expedition of Columbus in the West Indies. The doctor of the expedition, wrote a chunk of food and the natives of spices, which were used for fish and birds under the name “aahs. ‘” The modern name comes from the name of the port city of Cayenne. In Europe, he was soon after the discovery of America.

We are talking about many types of different sizes, color and taste. The color can be green, yellow, orange, red, until the shades. The smallest of the cayenne pepper is the size of beans, but it tastes very spicy and hot. The severity of pepper depends on the species. There are those species that are on its delicate spicy flavor are vegetables rather than spice. This leads to the fact that, depending on the severity and zhguchesti cayenne pepper is classified on a scale of 1 to 120. On this scale, different shades of flavor, ostrosti, astringency, and color. Growing up. Currently the largest manufacturers of cayenne pepper are some areas of West Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia. California, French Guiana, USA, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. Growing cayenne pepper spread in other countries, and often it is grown in flower pots and balconies.

The chemical composition.
In the septa fruit contains an alkaloid of pepper KAPSAN-ching, giving him zhguchest.

The action.
It has a very favorable action presents for digestion.

In a spice used in either fresh or dried fruit in the form of a hammer. Under the name “cayenne pepper” powder sold mostly mixed with other spices – garlic, red pepper, oregano, cloves, allspice, cumin (cumin cross-shaped) and sometimes with powdered onion. The food industry uses it in the production of meat and canned vegetables, meats, fish canning in and to produce different blends of spices. In a spice used primarily in southern cuisine dishes, cooked on a spit in the dishes for meat sauces, dishes of beef, pork, fish and vegetables south. In a relatively large number of used it for cooking sauce “Tabasco” and the special sauce with cayenne pepper. You can use cayenne pepper in cooking peas, lentils, cream soups, meat and fish soups, goulash and sauces, for frying meat, including geese and ducks.

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